Impress Commercial Clients with Artificial Green Walls for Interior & Exterior Decor

July 15, 2022

Calico Greens is a prominent provider of commercial artificial green walls for businesses across the United States. One of the many reasons for this is that our selection of synthetic living walls helps commercial businesses impress their clients day in and day out. Our faux plant wall panels can be installed as either interior or exterior decor, helping to add inviting greenery to a variety of spaces around your office. Discover all that our artificial green walls have to offer your business, your employees, and especially your clientele.

What Are Artificial Green Walls?

An artificial green wall is one or more panels consisting of synthetic plants that can be organized, combined, and installed onto an existing interior or exterior wall. Our synthetic living wall panels help businesses and residences to create a wall or some portion of a wall that is not just green but also full of and textured by various artificial plants. At Calico Greens, our high-quality faux plant wall panels are incredibly detailed and vibrant, making them exceptionally eye-catching, especially in office settings.

indoor artificial green wall panel from calico greens

How to Impress Clients with Artificial Living Walls

Our collection of synthetic green wall panels can be arranged and installed in, around, and outside offices and other commercial spaces to help impress clients. Whether you choose to attach them to an exterior or interior wall, our artificial living walls add a striking, nearly natural element that welcomes clients in and invites them to stay.


Outdoor plant wall with modern architecture

For Exterior Decor:

The exterior appearance of a business can often be one of its most essential factors, especially for retail stores and other frequently visited locations. Having curb appeal can help invite potential customers and clients into your business. One of the most effective ways to improve your business’ curb appeal is to install one of our selections of faux plant walls.

Our artificial living walls not only add a touch of greenery and nature to your exterior walls, but they also add texture and dimension.

These elements intrigue those entering or passing by your business. They may even lead some to wonder: “If this business looks this good on the outside, what is it like on the inside?”

For Interior Decor:

For nearly every business in the United States of America, having a comfortable, well-decorated interior space is crucial. Making your business feel warm and welcoming can help your customers and clients feel comfortable working with or investing in you. So to help make your business as inviting as possible, consider installing artificial green wall panels from us at Calico Greens.

Our synthetic living wall panels can be installed on indoor walls in numerous configurations to not only contribute to the overall interior atmosphere but also achieve other functional purposes. For example, one of the most popular indoor settings for our commercial artificial green wall panels is as a stunning accent wall. Our faux plant walls can offset nearly any space, adding a striking accent wall that demands attention.

spa with artificial living wall installed by pool

Yet, being an accent wall is not the only interior function for artificial living walls from Calico Greens. Our synthetic green wall panels can also be spread out throughout a space, creating an ambiance of serenity. They can also be configured within an area as attractive and inviting privacy panels, helping to designate and separate smaller spaces without making them feel totally isolated or barren.

With our artificial green walls, the possibilities for installation and configuration within a space are nearly endless!

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Artificial living walls from Calico Greens are an attractive and engaging form of interior or exterior decor for commercial businesses that can help impress your clients. Our incredibly detailed synthetic plant wall panels help add greenery, texture, and dimensions to your walls, making them stand out. This can not only help invite clients into your business but help provide an atmosphere that is calming and comfortable.

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