Artificial green walls from Calico Greens are gaining popularity in contemporary design for their aesthetic appeal, versatility, and ease of maintenance. While there are many uses for our incredibly lifelike products, a standout use for our synthetic plant walls is for privacy screens. Using them properly can help optimize privacy and beauty at home or in the office. Discover the details below:

Artificial Green Walls from Calico Greens

At Calico Greens, our artificial green walls consist of panels of realistic-looking faux foliage mounted on a frame that can be affixed to walls or used as standalone structures. Our team offers a wide variety of these artificial living walls – with various types of foliage to help fit your aesthetic preferences and unique needs. This makes our fake plant walls ideal for homes, businesses, and other settings.

Choosing the Right Green Wall for Your Space

The first step to using artificial plant wall panels as privacy screens is selecting the right one for your needs. Consider the dimensions of your space, and measure the area where you want to install your synthetic green wall to ensure it will fit properly. For instance, a larger wall could be ideal for an open-plan office needing separation, while smaller options would be perfect for creating private spaces in a shared living area or cozy cafe.

The type of foliage on a faux plant wall can also impact the degree of privacy it provides. Fortunately, at Calico Greens, we offer a variety of foliage types, ranging from dense ivy leaves to more spaced-out ferns. If privacy is your main concern, you might prefer an artificial plant wall option with denser foliage.

Installing Your Artificial Living Wall

At Calico Greens, we design our products for easy installation. This makes it simple for you to install them on existing walls or structures – in both indoor and outdoor settings. When using a synthetic living wall as a beautiful privacy screen, it is essential to mount your artificial green wall at a height that will provide the most privacy, but be sure it is not in a location where it will obstruct necessary pathways. By keeping these factors in mind, you can add an attractive and effective privacy screen to your home or business.

Office with plant wall and yellow desk chairs

Creating a Cohesive Design

While the functional aspect of privacy is crucial, remember to consider the aesthetic element as well. At Calico Greens, our artificial living walls can add a touch of greenery and beauty to any space. This helps them harmoniously integrate with your existing indoor or outdoor decor. With our many options, you can also choose a faux plant wall that complements your furniture, wall colors, or other design elements. For an even more personalized touch, consider adding decorative elements like fairy lights, ornaments, or mirrors to your synthetic green wall.

Office with plant wall and yellow desk chairs

Maintaining Your Privacy Screen

One of the key advantages of artificial plant wall decor from Calico Greens is its low maintenance. There is no need to worry about watering, pruning, or dealing with pests. However, you should regularly dust your synthetic plant wall panels to keep them looking their best – much like any other surface in or around a home or business. Our team suggests using a feather duster or a cloth for this purpose. For more in-depth cleaning, a mild solution of water and gentle soap can be used.

Residential artificial living wall

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At Calico Greens, our artificial green walls provide a unique yet visually appealing solution to privacy concerns in residential and commercial spaces. They offer a harmonious blend of style and function, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance while ensuring privacy. With the right choice, easy installation, basic maintenance, and thoughtful integration into your decor, you can effectively utilize our synthetic green walls as privacy screens and add a touch of green to your spaces, irrespective of the season.

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