Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Calico Greens is a premier provider of high-quality artificial green walls to cities and communities throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, and New York City, NY. Our vibrant artificial green walls help transform indoor and outdoor spaces and offer our customers several benefits. However, we have been asked several common questions about our synthetic plant walls over the years. As a result, we have compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our artificial green walls below.

Artificial living wall on display in a residential home

#1. What is an Artificial Green Wall?

An artificial green wall is one or more panels of artificial plants that are organized together, combinable, and installable onto an existing wall. These panels help create a wall or portion of a wall that is not only green but also full of synthetic plants. Our artificial green walls, in particular, are especially vibrant and eye-catching.

#2. Do Artificial Green Walls Look Like Real Living Walls?

Artificial green walls from Calico Greens are hyper-realistic. They look and feel just like many of the natural plants our synthetic plants emulate. Check out our products page to get a closer look at all of the lifelike colors and textures our artificial green walls have to offer!

#3. Do Artificial Green Walls Require Maintenance?

Unlike living walls, artificial green walls are maintenance-free. They never need to be watered, trimmed, or have dead or dying plants replaced. This helps make our synthetic plant walls cleaner and more affordable over time. The only maintenance an artificial green wall needs is the same as anything else in a business or home: a quick cleaning every once in a while.

#4. Where Can Artificial Green Walls Be Installed?

Artificial green walls from Calico Greens can be installed on nearly any existing wall. Our synthetic plant panels can be attached to walls inside homes and businesses or walls outside of residences or commercial buildings. Contact us today to learn more about the installation process!

#5. How Do Artificial Green Walls Hold Up Outdoors?

Sunlight and the weather in the United States can be brutal, especially on natural plants and living walls. Thankfully, our durable artificial green walls hold up incredibly well outdoors. Our synthetic plants offer significant UV protection, helping them resist fading over time – even in persistent sunshine.

#6. Do Artificial Green Walls Attract Insects?

Natural plants often attract bugs and insects, offering them shade, pollen, and more. As a result, outdoor and even indoor living walls can become a breeding ground for pests. Fortunately, our artificial green walls are inhospitable for bugs and insects. So they are far less likely to attract and house pests.

#7. Can Artificial Green Walls Be Used as Privacy Screens?

Artificial green walls are a remarkable solution for privacy screens! Depending on the configuration they are installed in, they can not only help separate views and spaces in a room or area, but they also add to the overall ambiance of the space. So although they can enhance privacy, they also enhance the atmosphere, making it feel more natural and inviting.

#8. Are Artificial Green Walls Fireproof?

At Calico Greens, we prioritize the safety of our customers and their properties. As a result, all of our synthetic plants and green walls are highly fire-rated. This helps keep them from catching fire – even in the event of a blaze. In some cases, our artificial green walls may even help slow the spread of a fire, making our artificial green walls safer and more durable than many other types of decor.

#9. Are There Multiple Styles of Artificial Green Walls?

Our artificial green wall panels are available in multiple styles. Some are simpler with only one type of plant and a few shades of green, while others are much more complex with numerous types of plants, textures, and colors. Check out our products page to see all the styles and configurations we have to offer!

#10. How Many Artificial Green Wall Panels Do I Need?

How many artificial green wall panels a person or space needs depends on the size of the space and your goal with the panels. Larger accent walls or areas with spread-out synthetic plant wall privacy screens often require multiple panels. However, we offer petite-sized panels of all our styles for smaller spaces and projects, measuring 15.75” x 15.75”. Before ordering, take measurements of the area or areas you plan to install the panels, and our team will ensure you have the right amount of artificial green wall panels to fit your plans.

image of Calico Greens artificial green wall panels Cabernet

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At Calico Greens, we offer our customers high-quality artificial green walls to help enhance indoor or outdoor spaces. Our synthetic plant wall panels are ultra-realistic, easy to install, low maintenance, fire-rated, and durable enough to hold up for years to come. If our FAQs section did not address any questions you may have, contact us today to learn more about our artificial green walls and what they can offer you!