Artificial Green Walls for Wedding Venues

Weddings are one of the most memorable days in someone’s life, and Calico Greens artificial green walls can help you set a spectacular scene that will delight family, friends, and clients. So whether you are a couple planning that special day or a wedding venue host or planner, we have something that will make your wedding shine. 

Everyone wants to have fresh flowers at their wedding, and we are not here to take away from that tradition. Instead, Calico Greens can offer you stunning, ultra-realistic artificial green walls that will transform and elevate any background space in the wedding venue.

Wedding venue

We have many beautiful options that can be combined to create a unique design that suits your taste. You will be speechless when you see how these foliage panels bring an ethereal feel of nature into your wedding venue. So, what are some options we have? Let’s take a look.

  • Hampton – Elegant Green Boxwood Shrubs
  • Burgundy A – Delicate Life-Like Mix of Rich Green & Pops of Color
  • Tuscany A – Classic Array of Bulbs, Shrubs, & Climbers
  • Tuscany B –Cosmopolitan Arrangement with Light & Dark Green Shadings 
Tan colored living room with plant wall

Artificial Green Walls are Perfect for Wedding Venues

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine this scene; An elegant entryway lined with delicate ferns and forest green leaves. As you walk by, you can see the small flowers rustle in the gentle breeze. Then, you reach out your hand and feel the soft wisps of plants through your fingers. This is the experience that Calico Greens can bring to your venue for that special day.

We know you want options that are simple, easy, and gorgeous for your wedding. It can be a stressful time, and we want to help make wedding planning a breeze for you when it comes to décor. Calico Greens’ artificial plant wall panels are the easiest way to bring the look of natural plants into your event, and it is so effortless to work with them. Let’s see why artificial plants panels are the best choice for wedding venues:

  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Easy to Move
  • Allergen-Free
  • Bug-Free
  • No Mess!
  • Reusable – Save Them for Your Next Event
  • Looks Pristine All Day Every Day
Artificial plant walls by Calico Greens are a fantastic option for wedding venues. They are incredibly innovative and cost-effective if you are a commercial wedding venue! These panels are effortless to build and take down as needed; what could be better? You can pick from our wide selection of artificial plant wall décor panels and create countless combinations that will impress your clients every time.

Vibrant Artificial Green Walls Set Your Venue Apart

Why give in to the mundane when you can express yourself more memorably with Calico Greens? What we are offering you are not just fake plant walls – they are so much more than that! With our gorgeous foliage panels, you can design an eye-catching backdrop that will look photo-ready every time.

Speaking of being photo-ready, let’s talk about wedding pictures and social media. The magical scene created with our artificial green walls will be a phenomenal backdrop for your photographers and guests to post their Insta-worthy pics! What is a wedding without hashtags these days?!

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Free Quote & Consultation

By now, you can see the benefits that our artificial green walls bring to your wedding venue. Calico Greens can help make the wedding décor for your special day take everyone’s breath away. Please reach out today for a free consultation on our stunning artificial green walls.