What Maintenance Do Faux Living Walls Require?

August 3, 2021

Faux living walls are a lively addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Unlike natural plants or vines, artificial living walls require minimal maintenance, freeing up time and energy for other priorities in your life. Let’s take a closer look at what sort of upkeep is necessary for faux living walls.
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Required Maintenance for Faux Living Walls

There are a few simple things you can do to maintain your artificial living wall’s luster and shine, no matter what type of wall you have or where it is located.

  1. Use a feather duster to lightly clean dust and debris off the leaves and stems of your wall.
  2. Spray a light mist of water on your wall using a spray bottle. You can wipe the dust off with a cloth after misting.
  3. Take advantage of a clean and dry cloth to give your artificial living wall a super quick shine.
  4. If your faux living wall is outdoors, you can spray it with a hose set on the mist setting. Outdoor walls are much more likely to become dirty, so a little heavier cleaning is sometimes necessary.
  5. Alternatively faux plants can be cleaned using a warm, damp cloth or a general multi-purpose cleaning spray and gently wiped off with a clean cloth.
As you can see by our list above, ensuring your faux living wall remains a pristine talking point for your guests is a task that does not require a ton of time, money, or maintenance.
Outdoor plant wall with modern architecture

Caring for Outdoor Faux Living Walls

Outdoor faux living walls will need a bit more care than indoor walls, as they are exposed to weather elements and outside debris. Thankfully, however, outdoor walls still only require a light spray down with a hose. Of course, you can use other methods described in our list, but a hose will be more effective for quick cleaning to remove dust on your wall.

If your artificial living wall is in a location that experiences rain, the natural rainfall will do all of the cleaning for you! Unlike natural plants, faux living walls stand up to UV rays and inclement weather, making them a welcome addition to commercial businesses that don’t have endless hands or time to dedicate to unnecessary cleaning.

Indoor Faux Living Wall Maintenance

Indoor artificial living walls are popular for residences, as well as commercial applications such as spas, resorts, and restaurants. To maintain these attractive focal points, all they need is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or feather duster. Dusters will help clean each leaf and stem, so your wall looks beautiful and natural at all times.


Unique Uses for Artificial Living Walls

There are various attractive applications that artificial green wall decor is perfect for.

  • Terraces: Liven any environment with an artificial living wall terrace. A green terrace wall will make a calming addition to a hospital, office, hotel, or restaurant.
  • Privacy: Faux living walls make tremendous privacy walls for outdoor patios, restaurants, and homes. Artificial living privacy walls are majestic and will get your guests talking.
  • Accent walls: Faux living walls are a terrific alternative to art or blank walls for your home or business. They can be easily transported when you move.
  • Venues and stores: If you run an entertainment venue or store, consider an artificial living wall to add a modern design element. They make for exciting photo backdrops. Remember that they require so little maintenance that you don’t have to worry about adding a time-consuming chore to your plate.

Actual living walls need fertilizing, trimming, and sunlight. Plants and flowers in a living wall can easily die or leave empty spaces if weather, animals, or pests get the best of it.

Avoid more maintenance costs and ugly decor by adding an artificial living wall to your home or business.

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