Beautiful artificial living walls from Calico Greens are available for offices to help create more relaxing break areas. In today’s fast-paced corporate world, creating a peaceful and rejuvenating environment in the workplace has become essential. Employers are realizing the importance of providing serene break areas for their employees to relax, recharge, and boost productivity. One way to achieve this is by incorporating artificial green walls into office spaces. With them, offices can help create tranquil areas that promote better well-being and harmony for employees to enjoy on their breaks.

Bringing Greenery Indoors

At Calico Greens, our synthetic living walls are an innovative solution to infuse greenery into office spaces. Our faux plant wall panels are carefully designed to mimic the beauty and freshness of traditional plants while requiring minimal maintenance. By incorporating lush greenery into your break areas, you can help create a serene and inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress, which can enhance employee well-being and increase overall job satisfaction.

Space Optimization

Office spaces are often limited, making it crucial to maximize the use of available areas. Artificial living walls from Calico Greens offer a fantastic solution, as they allow you to optimize vertical space. By installing our synthetic green walls, you can transform practically any blank wall into a visually appealing focal point that serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Whether it is a small alcove or a larger communal space, our artificial plant walls offer a flexible and space-saving way to create a serene break area within your office.

Restaurant with an artificial living wall
Office with plant wall and yellow desk chairs

Low Maintenance & Durability

Unlike conventional plants, which require constant care and attention, our artificial green walls offer a low-maintenance alternative. At Calico Greens, our products are designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your break areas retain their beauty without the need for regular watering, pruning, or fertilizing. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a vibrant and serene environment without the hassle of plant care.

Customization Options

At Calico Greens, our synthetic living walls are available in a wide range of options to suit your office’s unique style and requirements. You can choose from various faux plant species, colors, and arrangements to create a break area that aligns with your company’s style or desired ambiance. The flexibility of our artificial living walls allows you to unleash your creativity and design a space that reflects your office space while promoting tranquility.

Noise Reduction & Privacy

In busy office environments, noise pollution can be a significant source of stress and distraction, even while your employees are trying to enjoy their breaks. Fortunately, our artificial green walls can act as a helpful sound barrier, absorbing and diffusing noise to help create a quieter atmosphere in break areas. Additionally, our synthetic plant walls can provide an element of privacy, making employees feel more comfortable and at ease during their downtime.

Students studying by artificial grass wall

Health Benefits

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, artificial living walls from us at Calico Greens offer several health benefits as well. Unlike traditional green walls, ours do not produce any allergens or dust. They are also less likely to harbor allergens and dust with regular cleanings. Moreover, the presence of greenery from our faux plant wall panels can help reduce stress levels, enhance mood, and increase creativity – all of which contribute to a more positive work environment.

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At Calico Greens, our artificial living walls can help create serene break areas for your office, which can help foster a healthier and more productive work culture. By incorporating our synthetic green walls, you can transform ordinary spaces into rejuvenating retreats that promote relaxation, well-being, and creativity. Our versatile and low-maintenance artificial plant walls bring the beauty of greenery indoors while optimizing space and offering options to match your office’s unique style.

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