Artificial Green Walls in Phoenix, AZ

Calico Greens offers homes, businesses, and other properties in Phoenix, AZ products from our line of incredible artificial green walls. Our synthetic planted wall panels bring intricate, ultra-realistic greenery to both indoor and outdoor spaces while resisting fading and not requiring time-consuming upkeep. In doing so, our artificial living walls can help introduce a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere to spaces on residential, commercial, and even municipal properties. Find out more about what our artificial plant walls can do for your Phoenix area home, restaurant, retail store, park, wedding venue, or office space today!

Plant wall on peach colored wall with a small statue on an armoir

Benefits of Our Synthetic Plant Walls for Phoenix, AZ Properties

At Calico Greens, our artificial planted walls provide homes, businesses, and other properties in Phoenix, AZ with numerous benefits. Some of these many benefits include the following:

  • Eye-catching beauty
  • Versatile
  • UV protected
  • Resistance to fading
  • No allergens
  • Little upkeep required
  • No watering
  • No dirt or soil
  • Less likely to attract insects
  • Easy to clean
  • Fire-rated

With our fake plant walls, your Phoenix property can enhance its interior and exterior spaces with beautiful greenery without creating a laundry list of responsibilities.

What are Artificial Living Walls?

Artificial plant walls from Calico Greens consist of panels filled with faux plant life that can be quickly and easily interconnected and attached to existing walls. They provide property owners with a gorgeous way of adding greenery to their indoor or outdoor spaces without having to take up large amounts of space or require constant maintenance. At Calico Greens, our artificial green walls are especially eye-catching, vibrant, and hyper-realistic, providing all the dimensions, textures, and colors of traditional plant walls without all the upkeep.

Home Green Wall Panel

Common Uses for Our Artificial Plant Wall Decor

Artificial green walls have several common uses that can enhance spaces in and around Phoenix, AZ properties. Some of the most common uses for our synthetic living walls include:

Accent Walls

Accent walls are an excellent way to enhance the overall appearance of a space, especially when using our artificial plant walls. They can be added to indoor or partially outdoor spaces to provide an undeniably eye-catching feature that wows guests to your home or business in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Outdoor Decor

Plants are an extremely popular form of outdoor decor. However, traditional plants often require significant upkeep to provide the greenery a property owner desires. Thankfully, our synthetic living wall panels allow you to add the greenery you desire in outdoor areas without requiring time-consuming and potentially costly maintenance.

Interior Design

While it is undeniably popular to utilize our artificial green wall panels for accent walls, they can also be used as decor throughout indoor spaces. By spreading their beauty and greenery throughout a room or space, you can create an atmosphere that invites people to unwind and relax.

Privacy Panels

One of the most creative uses for our synthetic living walls is privacy panels. Unlike conventional privacy panels that leave spaces feeling cold and isolated, our faux plant panels give people their own little slice of paradise that helps separate them without totally isolating them. This use is great for restaurants, offices, and more!

And More!

With artificial plant walls from Calico Greens, there are few limits on how and where they can be used – as long as there is an existing wall or structural element for them to be equipped to. So let your imagination run wild and enhance your home, office, restaurant, or wedding venue in Phoenix, AZ with our synthetic green walls!

Maintenance Free

UV Protected

Fire Rated


Various Other Commercial Application Ideas:

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At Calico Greens, we offer hyper-realistic artificial green walls to properties in Phoenix, Arizona. Our many synthetic wall products capture the colors, textures, and dimensions of plants without forcing a property owner to worry about upkeep. They can enhance indoor and outdoor spaces in a variety of ways.

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