Create a Serene Break Area with Artificial Green Walls for Your Office

February 21, 2023

At Calico Greens, we offer a way for businesses across the United States to help create serene break areas with our beautiful artificial green walls for their office spaces. The realistic greenery of our synthetic living walls contributes to a more aesthetically pleasing environment. In doing so, they can help make your employee break areas feel far more comfortable and relaxing, giving them a better atmosphere to unwind and refresh themselves in. Find out more about how our artificial plant walls can improve your office space below!

What is an Artificial Green Wall?

Traditional green walls or plant walls are wall-mounted structures that consist of various forms of plant life. They are typically used to help add greenery to a space. However, in most cases, they are messy, inconsistent in appearance, and high maintenance.

Fortunately, at Calico Greens, we offer an alternative solution: artificial green walls. Our artificial green walls are made up of easily configurable and installable wall panels that consist of highly realistic synthetic plants. With them, homes and businesses can own beautiful green walls that always look their best, do not make messes, and require minimal maintenance.

Office Green Wall Panel

What Makes Our Artificial Living Walls Ideal for an Office Space?

Offices are an essential aspect of working culture. No matter what industry you work in, they provide employees of a business with a space to work, collaborate, host clients, and more. Because of this, an office can often be a stressful environment, which is why office workers not only need breaks from their work throughout the day but breaks from their usual environment as well.

The synthetic plants and greenery of our artificial living walls help provide break areas with a more inviting and serene atmosphere. In doing so, they can help offer office workers not only a mental break but a spatial break from their work and work environment. This can help them feel more refreshed and more prepared to continue doing quality work.

How to Utilize Artificial Living Walls for Your Office Break Area

While no two offices are the same, there are multiple ways an office can utilize our artificial plant walls to help improve the serenity of their break area or break areas, including the following options:

image of Calico Greens artificial green wall panels Cabernet

Accent Walls

One of the most common ways our artificial green walls are added to a space is as an accent wall. This consists of our synthetic plant wall panels being added to one wall in an area to help draw your attention toward it. In doing so, it can help create a more inviting space that is also incredibly relaxing.

image of Calico Greens artificial green wall panels Cabernet

Indoor or Outdoor Decor

Many offices have a variety of break areas, including indoor and outdoor break areas. Thankfully, our durable, UV-resistant artificial living walls can be added to indoor and outdoor spaces. As a result, our synthetic green walls can help bring a more serene environment to nearly any break area your office space has.

image of Calico Greens artificial green wall panels Cabernet

Privacy Panels

If you have a more expansive break area, it can be beneficial to add our artificial living wall panels throughout the space. This can give the area a greater sense of relaxation. It can also help create some privacy, allowing office workers to not only take a break from their work but from social interaction, which can be highly beneficial for some employees.

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Artificial green walls from us at Calico Greens can help your office create comfortable, serene break areas. In doing so, your employees can have better breaks, which can lead to better work. So contact us today to learn more about our many artificial plant wall options and get a free quote!