Artificial green walls from Calico Greens are an amazing and creative way to help bring a modern, natural-looking atmosphere to restaurants across the United States. Our synthetic living walls provide immense greenery, texture, and dimension that can enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces. The faux plant life our panels possess can capture the eye or blend in with other greenery. In doing so, they can help instill an area with a calming, nature-like atmosphere, which restaurants of all flavors can benefit from.

Restaurants & Atmosphere

The United States of America is known for having a wide variety of restaurants. From diners with cheaper eats to rooftop lounges with plates of exquisite foods made from rare ingredients, this country truly has it all. However, no matter what the price point is or the type of food a restaurant prepares, there is a universal element they all share: atmosphere.

In some restaurants, the atmosphere can make or break a meal. Consider the most delicious meal you have ever consumed. Now consider how that experience might change in harsh light, with loud noise, an uncomfortable room temperature, or unpleasant smells around. No matter how good a dish or beverage is at any restaurant, cafe, bar, or lounge, the atmosphere plays a crucial role in how it is received and perceived by the consumer.

Luckily, at Calico Greens, our artificial green walls can help restaurants of all kinds attain a more favorable atmosphere, which can help give diners a more ideal experience.

Restaurant with an artificial living wall

What Are Artificial Green Walls?

At Calico Greens, our artificial green walls are ready-made wall panels that can be configured together or not and consist of different types of synthetic plant life. Each of our different kinds of artificial plant walls boasts rich color and detail that make our faux plants lifelike. Our customers can combine our panels together to fill space on larger indoor or outdoor walls or install each panel separately to spread artificial plant life throughout a space. In either scenario, our artificial living walls add hyper-realistic greenery and beauty wherever they are installed.

How Artificial Living Walls Can Improve Restaurant Atmospheres

Our synthetic living walls can improve the overall atmosphere in and around restaurants in two major ways:

Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Greenery

Above all else, our artificial green walls add stunning, low-maintenance greenery to an indoor or outdoor space. With their realistic colors and textures, our faux plant panels make the areas in which they are installed feel closer to nature and, therefore, more relaxing. By installing them in or around your restaurant, you can add this visual effect to your space or spaces. And, since our wall panels are made up of synthetic materials, you never need to worry about the plant life wilting, dying, getting soil all over your restaurant, or attracting pests.

calico greens living wall

Artful Separation of Spaces

One of the most creative ways our artificial living walls can be added to any area is as privacy panels. Most often, privacy panels made of wood, metal, or other materials can feel constricting and take away from the overall ambiance. But, with our synthetic plant wall panels, you can help separate spaces in your restaurant without taking away from the overall atmosphere. For example, with our artificial plant walls, you can conceal a drink station, dish station, or point of sale (POS) system from guests without detracting from the indoor or outdoor decor, which helps keep the overall environment at its best.

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At Calico Greens, our artificial green walls are able to help improve the atmosphere in various settings, including restaurants. By adding our synthetic plant wall panels to your establishment, you can enhance the amount of greenery in your dining areas and even separate spaces without causing distractions or taking away from the overall atmosphere. So contact us at Calico Greens today to learn more or receive a free quote for one or more of our artificial living wall products!